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Here at HexoScience Canada inc. we believe, just like Ray Kurzweil, that we are entering new fascinating times. The forever increasing speed of microprocessors added by the always augmenting number of international researchers create an oportunity unknown to this day to develop new interesting sciences. Aided by governments that invest massively in new technologies, promising new science discoveries are emerging daily.

With new powerful scanners, coupled to almost impossible theories, based on spectacular new findings, the human brain slowly starts to unveil its finest inner workings. Our team at HexoScience shares a great curiosity about new technologies and has a real taste for all kinds of reading, watching and listening to all that points to the future. Together, we are dedicated to bring this new science to its full potential.

Tomorrow’s science arrives today. For years, meditation was a pseudo-calming and anti-stress practice, seen by specialists like an alternative medicine only for Boudhist monks. Today, serious studies show a scientific reality of the meditation’s well being, what’s more "volontary production of endorphines, serotonine and other neurotransmitters and hormones are opening many new branches of research in applications in gerontology, cancerology and all spheres of medecine which imply pain control. ADHD, parkinson’s, epilepsy are now being studied for a better control of the illness through binaural beats".

HexoScience Canada inc. launches Hex-Hit, it’s a first step in a large project that will come to aid researchers from all over to finally uncover more and more secrets from the brain. Our vision is to create the world’s largest open brainwave database. We will use top notch tools, link them to a world wide network of volunteers that share with us the vision of unleashing the human brain’s full potential!

This first step is part of a long masterplan that starts with recreational mood enhancing hits and will migrate slowly into conscient meditation to finally reach the superior state of BINAURAL pharmacy before we reach the full awareness of our mental capabilities kept subconciously hidden from all of us. All of these complex phases will take time, it’s a masterwork set to last tens of years but that from the start will bare fruit of all major explorers' past.

Why start with drugs when the real goal is to reach maximum brain potential was a question that wasn’t taken lightly at HexoScience. Against many well intentioned friends and mentors did we finally reach a decision based on an elaborate long term plan and it caused us to lose a few good team players. We take this route because we understand the long term needs we will have for thousands of good people that will help us in creating the largest open brainwave database on the net. Young and old, the passionate people that will join us in this journey will be amazed at our constant implementation of new tools.

In creating the WORLD’S BEST HITS BINAURAL CEREBRAL STATES MODULATION Hex-Hit will invite several young adults from all walks of life to join us in this great adventure in human discoveries. It’s today’s youth that will be at the helm of tomorrow's technologies! It's by giving them the top performing tools and by stimulating their creativity potential that we will reach optimum new technologies and life changing sciences.

One of HexoScience’s implicit goal is to train our users to become machine independant, to personally generate the needed brainwave patterns at will and in real life situations without the help of a machine. By doing this, each individual will gain more responsability over his own decisions, actions and emotions for a greater mastery on his life. They won’t let exterior elements influence the smooth running of clear decisions.

Using binaural waves forces introspection, helps creativity by liberating subconscious thoughts and knowledge in the user. It is by believing and pushing one’s self that we reach the greatest discoveries and best results. With applied biofeedback, we learn to rid ourselves of any electronic apparatus.

A good part of the profits generated by the enterprise will be used to create new tools to better advance this upcoming science. We are already planning an international research and meditation center on advanced brain wave states. Every year, many free trips will be awarded to our most dedicated helpers in this search for the perfect brain stimulating technology.

Also with HexoScience, through Hex-Hit we are dedicated to always offer MORE to our clients. Top quality ''HITS'', unique methods of sharing their experiences, an unheard of BINAURAL software and many exciting surprises await our friends and users. We are developping new tools to ensure our lead in this emerging science.

In creating a community of millions of people that are devoted to this shared science project, we want to clearly demonstrate the human race’s capacity to consciously generate all possible states of the body. Yesterday’s miracles will become the usual manifestation of the full spectrum of the brain power directly controlled by each and everyone of us.

Come back regularly to our site to monitor the progress of our research. The introduction of new approaches will be constant over the next 24 months for us to actually create the largest open brainwave database (usable by all) that will in time help us create tomorrow's medicine.

Our priority is to have as many people as possible who work with us to refine and perfect this new and potentially unlimited science. The more users to add data pertinent to our research, the more defined and precise will be the future discoveries.

The ultimate goal of our company is to make available a database of brainwaves representation observed in all cognitive functions. Each anonymous brain waves pattern will be commented by the creator himself, giving researchers a unique perspective on an unprecedented amount of data and metadata! Over time, millions of users will offer the world their most diverse mental states, from pure relaxation to active concentration and even personality disorders. We will develop the foundations of a science with unprecedented potential.

For that HexoScience Canada inc. is committed to protect its customers and users privacy. We will never sell or share our customers' list. We work hard to create a tool for statistical representation of data that ensures the anonymity of each user while providing maximum information to researchers who will use our vast database.

Many people are talking of the SINGULARITY, a time when the brains of computers are more powerful than the human brain. Still others speak of marrying electronic components directly on and in the human brain, but we believe that the human brain is the singularity of tomorrow, only by its greater understanding will we get more convincing results that all the machines together. If tomorrow all of us get the ability to maximize the use of their brains, a single planetary consciousness will be born of this human tide of converging thoughts into a better world.

Come join the team the team that always gives more to its people, the team that aims higher and that tomorrow will unleash the human brain of its chains!

Montreal, August 16, 2011

Proudly developped in Montréal, where science meets pleasure!